Australian puppy farmers making thousands selling puppies to squalid pet shops in Singapore

Companionanimalnews September 16th 2013

IT IS being called “Australia’s new live export scandal”.

Australian puppy farmers are making thousands of dollars selling dogs to pet shops in Singapore, where they are forced to live in squalor and confinement, a CLEO Magazine investigation has found.

Animal welfare group Oscar’s Law recently travelled to Singapore to witness the shocking treatment of Australian puppies, some of which are just eight weeks old.

Debra Tranter, the group’s founder, explained how the lucrative puppy trade works.

“The puppies sitting in Singapore pet shops have started their lives in a puppy factory in Australia,” Ms Tranter said.

“At a very young age they are taken from their mother and transported for hours, sometimes days, and when they’re finally removed from their transport crate they are put on display in a glass box or cage and their price tag is $4000-$8000.”

Singaporeans are told the puppies are…

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