The Big Top Is the Big Bottom for Circus Animals

Sown Seeds

caged tiger reformatted

The Big Top Is The Big Bottom  for Circus Animals

The circus is in town to entertain us. Trailers with monkeys and tigers arrive and park on the side of the road or pull into the Big Top. You can’t miss them. It is certainly something very different to see. Totally out of normal experience.  We look.  But what do we see?

For children, the circus introduces them to the world of exotic animals. This world seems limitless and magical under that Big Top. Acrobats defy gravity. Clowns with big rubber shoes amuse us. Tigers swat and roar. Bears dance. The space is to fascinate and to awe. We begin our enchantment with exotic animals. The circus is where the romance begins…

The depths of abuse and cruelty behind the applause of the circus performance are being exposed by many international animal welfare groups.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment…

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