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Artificial Corneas Can Save Animals’ Eyes

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Paws Up!
To Japanese researchers for seeing an end to using animals in cosmetic testing.

Testing cosmetic products on animals, most often rabbits, has run into roadblocks in both the European Union and India. And now, maybe a permanent roadblock has been created in a laboratory in Japan.

According to a news story, a senior researcher at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Toshiaki Takezawa, said that “apart from the cruelty involved, animal testing is unsustainable in the long-term because of the physiological differences between animals and humans. He says his research could be applied to simulate cells in any part of the human body, from the skin to internal organs, leaving animals out of the process entirely.”

The eye irritancy test, also known as the Draize test, involves placing liquid chemicals directly into the eye of an animal to determine if the substance will irritate or damage…

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Animal Strike

Chronicles of Illusions


Please click on the image above and sign our petition to stop animal testing for party pills here in New Zealand !!! Then join the Thunderclap today.

Thunderclap allows people to pledge to Tweet or Facebook a message all on the same day – and at the exact same time – in order to achieve maximum effect. Think of this action as an online flash mob in protest to the new law.

Chevvy, Charlie, Jack and Crash would be very grateful if you would help out their friends who are made to suffer because some idiots want to get high !!

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