Which is the Animal…a Realization

It's Got Vegan In It

Normally my posts are quite peppy and happy, but I’ve just watched an undercover video released by PETA and feel compelled to pose the question “Who’s the real animal?”

Growing up, our parents teach us “This animal is called a dog. This animal is called a pig. This animal is called a giraffe.” Right? But we’re a species of animal too; we’re human animals.

There’s also a way of using the word “animal” in a derrogatory way–“They’re such an animal.” As if being an animal in this sense was akin to being something lowly, less than, and/or worthless.

Most people would look at a cow and attribute either definition of the word “animal” to the cow.

But then I continue to hear about practices and cases of animal violence, abuse, and cruelty, or see pictures like the ones below.



And I think…who’s the real animal?

*images courtesy of this…

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